Monday, October 5, 2009

new Artists: Owl city and Everfound.

so Its been about two weeks since I last posted and I'm sorry about that, but who even reads this blog anyway. well I just wanted to tell you about some new artists I've discovered.
the first is Owl City I'm sure you've heard his single "Fireflies" on the radio but I just love his whole album "Ocean eyes" which you should totally check out.
also I've found another band I like, Everfound! you can check out their website here.
they just released their first studio album "colorful alibis and scandalous smiles" which you should also check out. their all brothers and their very good looking.I hope you like'em!

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  1. ever found is one of my favorite bands and i went to the summer camp summet and ever found was there and they played there music three times a day for five days it was so awesome