Thursday, April 30, 2009

music ROCKS!

ok i absolutely LOVE MUSIC!!! (can't live without it).
well my favorite band The Jonas Brothers will soon be releasing their 4th studio album June 16th.
i can't wait!
their new album is called "lines, vines, and trying times''.
if you don't know much about them you should learn more, because their really nice guys.
also their tv show JONAS is premiering Saturday may 2 on Disney channel (so tune in! PLEASE!).
their world tour is starting may 8th so if your a BIG fan you can buy tickets now(but hurry their selling out).

i love the Jonas Brothers, and i wish them the best.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I decided i would do my first post on earth day because i love the earth. to me everyone has talent and everyone is special in there own way. i made this blog because i love so many different things and i want to share them with you. so keep reading my blog and you won't be disappointed. again happy earth day!